SSVP Distribution Centre

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Distribution Centre is a 5,000 square foot building which doubles both as an office and a warehouse.

In this building a dozen or so volunteers work daily, sorting through donations of clothing, house wares, small household appliances, bedding, food and anything that can be used in a home.

1,000 square feet of this space is used for sorting clothing that is donated to the society. The Clothing Room as it is called, contains clothing that is fashionable and in good condition for men, women and children.

Our "friends-in-need" are welcome to come once every sixty days and take one bag of clothing for free. Also available for free are books and toys for children.

The Clothing Room is open 10:00 AM to 12 noon Monday through Friday. Closed holidays and month of July.

Housewares are sorted and placed onto shelves. The household items are packed into boxes to fill orders for specific households according to the Needs Lists prepared by the home visitors. Boxes of dishes are packed in sets of 4 or 6.

The packed boxes are labeled and placed in the loading area ready for the delivery crews, thereby speeding up the delivery of goods to those in need.

Food is also sorted into boxes with adequate supplies for 2 to 3 days.

Bedding is sorted and packed into bags. Each bag contains sheets, pillow case(s) and quilt or blanket(s). This ensures that when deliveries are made, those in need receive a complete bedding package.

Additionally, another team of volunteers check through electrical and electronic donations to ensure they are in good working order.

The current space is not sufficient for the needs of the Society. Many times, we have had to refuse furniture that is needed due to a shortage of space. The board of directors are attempting to find a solution but with the amount of square footage we require (at minimum 10,000 sq ft) coupled with high rental costs, their task requires a miracle. We ask for your prayers and support so that we can find the appropriate space soon.

In the meanwhile, our volunteers work happily in these cramped quarters knowing that better things must surely lie ahead.