On Tuesday – September 10 the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul took delivery of a new 2019 Isuzu delivery truck with a 20 ft. box. This new delivery vehicle, worth $63,000, was purchased as a result of a $31,500.00 matching grant received from the Alberta Culture. Edmonton Central Council matched the grant to purchase this new vehicle.

The grant was the result of work by the Society of Saint Vincent De Paul – Grant Committee under the leadership of Tricia Cisakowski and Rick Makus – SSVP Truck Fleet Manager who researched and negotiated the best deal for the truck.

A large Thank You is also to be expressed to Tom Fath and Mike Schaaf, with Hi-Signs of the Fath Group, for the donation of the SSVP graphics placed on both sides of the truck and the rear door.

The truck will be shared by Divine Mercy and St. Theresa’s conferences to do furniture pickups and deliveries to SSVP clients in the southeast area of the City of Edmonton.

We are so grateful to @Rotary Club of Edmonton Sunrise for their very generous donation to purchase whole powdered milk to ship to kids in need in the Canadian Arctic.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul's North of 60 project help ours neighbours in the Canadian Far North who are living in extreme poverty. Employment opportunities are few in these regions and the cost of food and other basic necessities is exorbitant.

We have been very active over the last few years, sending sea containers filled with donated goods to remote northern communities.

Many thanks to our friends at Rotary Sunrise!!

November 2018

This month we picked up the keys for a 2016 Isuzu, 16 ft. box truck!

This delivery vehicle, worth $60,900, was purchased as a result of a $58,000 grant received from the Stollery Charitable Foundation.

The grant was the result of work by the Society of Saint Vincent De Paul Grant Committee under the leadership of Tricia Cisakowski and Rick Makus, SSVP Truck Fleet Manager, who researched and negotiated the best deal for the truck. Resource information to complete the grant wasprovided by Mary Dunnigan and Daryl Dittrich.

A large Thank You to Tom Fath, with High Signs of the Fath Group, for the donation of the graphics placed on both sides of the truck and the rear door.

The truck was used the following day, by St. Joseph Basilica conference, doing furniture pickups and delivery to SSVP clients in the inner city.

November 2018

A special Mass on the World Day of the Poor, recognizing the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. This was the daily Mass on Vision TV Salt and Light. Listen to the beautiful homily. Just click on this webpage:

Canada honours Sister Fay Trombley

We are delighted to share that Sister Fay Trombley has been honoured with the Polar Medal, presented by Governor General Julie Payette, in recognition of her exceptional contributions to Canada's North.

After retiring as a professor at Newman College, Sister Fay moved to Tuktoyaktuk and, in collaboration with local community leaders and the help of the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Edmonton, started the North of 60 Project. North of 60 delivers sea containers of non-perishable food and household goods to remote communities north of the 60th parallel.

For more details, and an interview with Sister Fay visit

Development Day

Saturday October 14, 2017

What a marvelous Development Day October 14, 2017!

The Police Information Check area was kept busy with Vincentians signing up and signing on for this important aspect of work. Thanks Eleanor Saito for your expertise.

If you did not get a chance to sign up for one of the Tasks, feel free to contact your Conference President.

Food Pantry

Monday, September 30, 2017 | Mary Dunnigan

We have been blessed with food donations this month! At a time when our stocks were low, schools, parishes of St. Albert stepped up. We are so very thankful to all, and happy that we enter the new school year experiencing food donations which we can pass along to those in need—of the most basic sort, food. From the many tables surrounded by fed families thanks to your generosity, we send our thanks.

Canada 150 Barbeque

Saturday September 9, 2017| Mary Dunnigan (Administrator)

Thanks to all who helped to make our BBQ a fine celebration. This joint celebration was co sponsored by the City of Edmonton, Ward 6. City of Edmonton pins were shared, and birthday cake was eaten! The group that works together deserves to share food, stories and good times. We enjoyed music, camaraderie and burgers to celebrate Canada being here for 150 years, and the Society for 150 years in Canada.

The food was awesome, the music enjoyable, visiting with those who use our services was enlightening as we shared stories.

Thanks to the crew, under Cecille Cyr, who helped organize and serve. Committee Members Rita John and Mike MacKay organized us into a fine celebration

Charity Sale

August 2017| Mary Dunnigan (Administrator)

Thanks so very much for a successfully completed Summer Charity Sale. The teams under leadership of Jean and Daryl did an outstanding job. Lauren took on and handled the fine publicity aspects in print, audio and visual media. Using the Square Reader added a note of modernity to the process. Dan Dunnigan worked his magic in the kitchen, fueling hard working volunteers. Financial income will allow us to carry on. Vincentians are an amazing lot. Thank you to St. Joseph's Bailica for use of their facility. Thanks heartily to all volunteers!!

Making a Difference !

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Two home visitors for the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SSVP) recently visited an elderly gentleman who was suffering with invasive and painful cancer and had to move to a place with lower rent to accommodate his reduced income with no longer being able to work.

During the home visit, we reviewed with this gentleman what he would need to set up this new space. We set up a plan to help him settle in and worked with his new landlord to help with furniture and basic supplies. As an avid cook and believer in good nutrition as a powerful healer, “James” was given a variety of cooking utensils and dishes, as well as a gift card to help stock his fridge with fresh fruit and nutritious foods.

Three weeks later we revisited “James” to ensure he was still doing okay. We were surprised and delighted to see a smiling happy man who walked easily without his walker or cane and who felt he had been given a new chance at life. Through a better diet and having a comfortable home to call his own, he was able to better manage his pain and improve his strength.

Because he worked closely with computers during his career, “James” wanted to get one to help him stay in touch with family in other parts of the world and hopefully regain his skills to perhaps take on some work in this area. Through the generosity of local parishioners we were able to get a used computer and help him arrange for an internet package allowing him to re connect with the outside world.

Experiences like this remind us all the value of an organization like Saint Vincent de Paul and the impact we can have on the lives of people in need. It also reminds us of the privileged role we can play in improving the lives of God’s most vulnerable. Saint Vincent de Paul does make a difference, and we appreciate your support for this work.

Author M O

Ft McMurray moves forward

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 2:37 PM

On Monday July 11 Peter Ouellette and Mary Dunnigan attended the first of the Fire Relief Committee set up in Fort Mac with members of both the St John and St Paul Catholic Parishes.

There is a strong sense of urgency from the members of the Catholic Community to do something to help the approx 10% of their neighbours (2000 families) that lost much of what they had. Most all in attendance have knowledge of the Works of SSVP across the country and they are interested in modeling their actions to the practices that we have well established in our Conferences with the intent of starting a new Conference in their Community.

They have a lot of resources both financial and people skill sets to apply to home visits, needs analysis and providing goods and other services needed by the families in need.

We will continue to work with the Core Committee to help in their tasks. Their commitment was evident, the stories were touching, and their willingness to help those in need was/is most evident.

Ft. McMurry Steps Ahead

The summer of 2017 found us heading north to set in motion steps by National Council to work with five First Nation Communities to help students in school be identified as being fragile as a result of the fire of 2016.