Get Help

If you need help, please call 780-471-5577 (open 24-7) or fill out the form below.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul provides assistance to those in serious need.

Volunteers of the Society (known as Vincentians) visit those in need, or Friends-In-Need as we call them, in their homes to determine what kind of help they need. These Vincentians are called Home Visitors.

Home Visits allow us to provide personal support to those in need. SSVP is not simply a grocery delivery service, furniture supplier or clothing outlet. We are here to support the people as we would support a friend. No distinction is made as to religion, color or creed, as to whom we serve, or those who are serving.

The SSVP serves our neighbours in need in Edmonton and surrounding area - men, women and children who, either as individuals or as families, are encountering difficulties in their lives.

Our neighbours in need may include:

  • immigrants and refugees

  • those with no source of income

  • those searching for employment

  • seniors and those on fixed incomes

  • those living alone with few resources

  • those suffering physically or mentally

  • the working poor who have problems making ends meet

  • those enrolled in governmental financial assistance programs


Help may be offered in the form of:

  • Food

  • Furniture and/or household items

  • Clothing

  • Transportation (e.g. bus tickets)

  • Referrals to existing community support programs

  • Advocacy and mentorship

  • A listening ear

No act of charity is foreign to the Society.

Check out or download our Assistance Resources Booklet for a list of contacts with many agencies that provide specialized services to people in need.