Thanks to our Benefactors

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul thanks all our donors for their generous gifts which make our work possible. Here are some special stories that we would like to share.

Stollery Charitable Foundation

In November 2018, we picked up the keys for a 2016 Isuzu, 16 ft. box truck!

This delivery vehicle, worth $60,900, was purchased as a result of a $58,000 grant received from the Stollery Charitable Foundation.

The grant was the result of work by the Society of Saint Vincent De Paul Grant Committee under the leadership of Tricia Cisakowski and Rick Makus, SSVP Truck Fleet Manager, who researched and negotiated the best deal for the truck. Resource information to complete the grant wasprovided by Mary Dunnigan and Daryl Dittrich.

A large Thank You to Tom Fath, with High Signs of the Fath Group, for the donation of the graphics placed on both sides of the truck and the rear door.

The truck was used the following day, by St. Joseph Basilica conference, doing furniture pickups and delivery to SSVP clients in the inner city.

The Edmonton Civic Employees Charitable Assistance Fund (ECECAF) has deemed us worthy to receive their support. Not only has this thoughtful group of nine local unions granted our request for the means to improve the conditions of the goods we share with those in need, they also decided to allow us to fill the needs of our clients even beyond our initial request. From a group who had little knowledge of our existence, to a group supporting our role in the community, they have surely stepped up to assist those who need a hand up to turn their lives around. We are empowered to continue our work with the underprivileged in Edmonton and to show the men and women of the Board, which has stepped up to work hand in hand with frontline SSVP volunteers to make Edmonton a better place to live. Your generosity is much appreciated.

In June 2018 the grant from ECECAF allowed us to purchase and install a ramp to make our facility one which supports the dignity of those we serve.

Government of Alberta Community Initiatives Program (CIP)

We are ever so grateful for the generous support we have recently received. The financial commitment will allow us to continue the work we do, knowing quality of life for Albertans will be enhanced through this grant. We acknowledge with delight the financial and moral support this gives, increasing what we can do for those in need. Minister Heather Klimchuk and Alberta Culture have offered us through their grant program a current life line with financial and moral support. Thank you Minister Klimchuk.

Civic Service Union 52 Benevolent Society

Thank you so very much for stepping up to help SSVP. Your generous donation will allow us to put several children to bed this fall, in a real bed. Families will be happier; children will do better at school--and we all benefit. We appreciate and applaud your support.

Thank you to the City of Edmonton for the Community Investment Operating Grant. This financial assistance will help us help those in need Edmonton is a caring environment and the homeless and those in need welcome the help given to the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul for 2016.

Edmonton Community Foundation

Thank you to a new and very special sponsor. The Edmonton Community Foundation has seen fit to support us with a generous grant which will help us communicate with those who find themselves in need (our Help Line Service), and those donators who can help us with material goods. The ECF has not only supported us financially, but also challenged us to find other communication methods which will benefit SSVP and the people we assist. A collaborative approach to what we do will benefit many people in the Edmonton area. What a fine way of showing support for those who help others. Thank you ECF, and we look forward to a long lasting relationship which challenges us to work collaboratively with other organizations and agencies who share similar mandates and areas of interest.

The Government of Alberta has stepped up to support SSVP in a special way. A grant, from the Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) has allowed SSVP to renovate the Distribution Centre. Work started in July and will soon be finished. The changes included brighter lighting, safer flooring, more efficient organization of space, setting aside of a meeting room, positive changes to and enlargement of areas within the DC and other enhancements which will allow us to increase our ability to help the poor in Edmonton. That volunteers will have better experiences working in the DC is a most positive outcome. This Government of Alberta funding comes with a cheque signed by David C. Dorward, MLA for Edmonton Gold Bar, and best wishes for our future success from Heather Klimchuk, MLA Glenora and Minister of Culture. Both congratulated SSVP on our work and this project. Thank you Government of Alberta, from our volunteers and the people we serve.

The St. John's School of Alberta Legacy Project

The spirit of giving is exemplified by the Board of Saint John's School of Alberta. Through their Legacy Project they have chosen to support us. Their most generous gift will allow us to continue our important work. The Transportation Project will allow us to share with our families, donated goods and household items. They carry on in the philosophy with which they ran their school. Through the guidance of Peter Jackson and Board we can make better the lives of children and their parents.

Thank you so very much Saint John's School of Alberta.

Thank You Business Donors !

Business Donors

Goods and Services Donated

Coast Edmonton House

  • Furniture, bedding, mattresses and drapes

Delta Edmonton South

  • Furniture, lamps, mattresses

Executive Royal Hotel - Edmonton

  • Furniture, bedding, lamps, drapes

Holiday Inn Conference Centre South

  • Furniture, bedding

Ramada Hotel - Sherwood Park

Super 8 - Edmonton South

  • Furniture, mattresses, televisions, bedding

G & H Hospitality Limited

Quality Inn West Harvest

  • Furniture, televisions, bedding

XL Furniture

  • Furniture and occasional mattresses